Monday, October 27, 2008

Ain't she sweet...

... and pink too!

The lovely Stephanie blessed me with this little lady. I am a serious mini book junkie, so her and I are sure to have endless hours of fun together!

Not too much creative stuff happening just yet - still finding my 'retired' sea-legs ;) and tying up lots of loose ends after Live, Scrap, Play!

In this post I mentioned some exciting things on the horizon for me. Well... it turns out that there are going to be even more exciting things happening in the near future and also the not so near future. As with all good things though, there is a little wait involved before I can reveal it all.

But... I can say... there is an announcement coming early next week, so remember to check back for the details! Any guesses?

For now, I was tagged by Sophia, so here are 7 Random facts about me:

1. I really battle to say 'goodbye' whether it's over the phone, on Skype chat, to someone I'll see the next day, or to someone going back home overseas. Nope, not a good goodbyer!

2. Rice is one of my favourite foods. I could eat it everyday, just on its own, plain. Probably the only thing on Survivor Island that I could cope with - living on rice!

3. I have very curly hair. Now that it's 'long' (for me) I blow dry it straight every day. Maybe sometime I'll embrace the curls!

4. Cleansed hands are important to me. I carry hand sanitiser in my handbag and in my car and I use it! So happy that some supermarkets have trolley wipes at the doors now!

5. I am a total baby in a thunderstorm. I see a flash and block my ears anticipating the thunderous noise. Not good for these Highveld thunderstorms.

6. I don't have any pets. Not one, not even a goldfish. I did have 3 dogs, a cat, 2 birds, 2 goldfish growing up though.

7. Home is where my heart is. I love to be at home, and love that my hobby and my 'job' allow me to work from home!

And now I am tagging friends and some well-wishers who left comments for my birthday:

And the anon comments, consider yourselves tagged too!

Here are the rules:
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It's all a big blog circle thing!


Anonymous said...

oooh you lucky little fish.... if you were closer to me I would be inviting myself over to play :).
Love the "things" about you, so cute that you are scared of thunder (he he).
Hope you find your feet soon enough so we can have the big reveal... thinking of you, okay
LOVE {me}

Sophia said...

Loved reading your random answers...Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Love your toys! Was that little album on Saturday made by the machine?? Can we have more??