Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beary wise words...

I love how this awesome scrapbooking industry brings good causes across our paths. And if there's some way that I can help... I just LOVE it!

Today's Wednesday Wise Words are in support of a "beary" special cause. A dear friend of mine, MrsC is collecting teddy bears for the Teddy Bear Clinic in Johannesburg. The Teddy Bear Clinic is an outpatient facility of the Johannesburg Hospital and the Department of Paediatrics and offers a variety of support services, counselling and care to sexually abused children. During each of the five visits, every child gets to choose a teddy bear to take home. You can read more about it here.

MrsC and
Threadbear have challenged a group on the international forum - ToyVoyagers to assist in collecting teddy bears from all over the world. They are pretty close to the target, but I know with the help of blogworld we can help collect 1000 bears to give to the Teddy Bear Clinic.

Here are a some of the bears that have arrived at MrsC's doorstep from all over.

I paid a visit to Threadbear and "bear central" earlier this week, just in time to see one of many loads of bears come out of the wash and get fluffed up to dry in the sun. Every teddy gets a coordinated ribbon tied around its neck after receiving any amount of TLC necessary - seams sewed, eyes fixed, noses re-shaped etc.

Threadbear was recently nominated as the Toy Voyager of the Week.

So... if you have teddy bears - new, previously loved or even knitted - please show your support to Threadbear and his mentor MrsC as they bless the children who visit the Teddy Bear Clinic. You might even get your schools involved with a knitting drive, teach them to knit - something for kids to do during school holidays, any size big or small! It's easy to pop them into a padded envelope and mail them, or if you're in the Jhb area you might like to deliver.

Mail to:
P O Box 785
South Africa

And for you crafty people out there here are a few links to patterns:
Make a teddy

Bev's Country Cottage knitted bear
Bev's Country Cottage crocheted bear
Care wear patterns
Tripod little teddy

Thank you beary much!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

On my desk Monday...

Ribbon jars... these are mostly for looking at, for throwing the offcuts into and also for digging into when I'm prettying up a small gift or a tag or something little. Just the bits and pieces. I'm playing, finishing off three mini books and so have some ribbons which need a home. The rest of my "collection" is also colour coordinated either in large plastic containers, on two long rods or on cards. Oh yes and my whole new supply of Bazzill's new ribbons, is right here next to me. Can't get enough ribbon - really.

Hope it's been a great Youth Day here in SA.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekend thoughts...'s the weekend and a long weekend here in SA with Monday, 16th being Youth Day.

Here is something really exciting for you to think about over the weekend...

Creative Journey - one of the Scrapbooking for Hope 2008 events - with special guest Stephanie Ackerman.

Download additional information, itinerary and booking forms here or email.

Scrapbooking and sightseeing all for a good cause.

Enjoy the weekend

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wise words...

Always leave
enough room in
your life to do
something that
makes you happy,
satisfied, or even
~ Paul Hawken

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On my desk Monday...

... yes today is technically Tuesday, but this was on my desk on Monday...

... an email from The Heartfelt Project. You can check out my previous post for more info.

If you're wondering what you can collect for them, here is a list of products the heartfelt ladies primarily use:
- felt (lots of it!)
- thread (all colours)
- needles
- buttons
- ribbon
- beads (all types)
- stuffing
- the ladies are continuously working on new designs so any other fabric / crafty type things you can think of will be most welcome.

Here are some of their gorgeous products

Thank you for warming my heart!