Monday, November 24, 2008


That's right... cardstock is on my desk today! Just good old, plain cardstock and I am playing!

I'm designing pages for The Scrapping Studio's monthly kit with this pile of cardstock. You get 21 sheets of cardstock in the kit, layouts for 5 double page spreads, some templates to trace and a few cute ideas from me!

It's been dubbed an economy kit (and who doesn't need one these days!) So check out their blog for contact details and put your order in!

I also have 5 little surprises ready to go to the post office. There are 5 lucky winners over at CreativeSouls who need to email me!

Wishing you a happy last week of November!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy weekend...

...quite a week it's been!

Managed to put some finishing touches on a project in the works... hopefully will be able to share that pretty soon!

My desk is completely cleared so I'll have something fun to share on Monday.

And for all you creative souls out there... come and visit us here to see how you can add these to the collection you may have started at Live, Scrap, Play!, at one of my classes or how you can simply start your collection right now...

Have a great weekend


Monday, November 17, 2008

On my desk Monday and Q&A

*edited on Tuesday as my modem got struck by lightning just as I was about to post. New modem and so relieved the post was saved*

What a productive weekend!

On my desk are the remanants of some of the crazy creativity that took place the last 2 days. My "Christmas Gifts-to-make" List has a big tick on it. I have my monthly AAM Group gifts complete and ready for 13 Dec.

I can't show the finished projects here just yet - that would just spoil the surprise! (If you girls thought I would slip're wrong!) are a few of the goodies and products I used! Oh... that would be except for the Christmas Traditions Scented Envelope Sachet which I didn't actually use in any of the projects, but I have it here lying in my office. The smell certainly got me into the Christmas mood!

So... on Friday Stephanie and I launched CreativeSouls - a little place of inspiration. Thank you all for the amazing response, the comments and emails have been wonderful!

I now have a link to CreativeSouls on the right -----------> please do visit us. Come and share your creative soul.

Some Q&A I've received recently:

Q: That baby picture is hilarious. Is it yours?
A: Nope, the baby is not mine, it's a stock image, but definitely cute.

Q: Are you still doing scrapbooking events?
A: Girlfriends' Getaway takes place in March 2009. You can download booking forms here. There might also be a few surprises in store from CreativeSouls!

Q: I love your blog banner. Can I get one made?
A: The good news is YES, you can. Even if you live in South Africa! Just email me with the details - your blog name, colours etc. If you're local the cost is R150. (Stephanie has a selected a cause close to her heart here in South Africa and the monies will go directly to helping this family. You can read more about it here.)

And I think that's it for Monday! (or now Tuesday!)
Have a great week.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I am happy to introduce to you....

CreativeSouls is a special place - it's a place for me (Lara), it's a place for her (Stephanie) and it's a place for you (all over the world).

This is a new beginning for me personally in many respects and so perfect the way things have fallen into place. It's just the start...

...head on over to CreativeSouls to find out what it is 'WE' do...

There's a little bit of 'we' history, a little bit of 'we' Q&A, a little bit of fun, and a whole lot of creativity!!

Please come and visit, we're looking forward to meeting you there! (or click the links)


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The waiting game...

... is almost over!

I did say I was working on a couple of exciting things ~ some big, some not so big, some soon, some a little later!

Be sure to come back tomorrow as Stephanie and I have something we'd like to share with you!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's back... popular demand...

Wednesday's Wise Words!

Love, love these words on a Compendium journal which arrived in my post box today, from a gem of a friend!

Perfect in every way...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You only get popcorn when....

... you add heat!

I made popcorn for lunch today (really healthy!). As I was waiting for the kernels to start popping it came to mind that the only way they would pop is if there was heat (microwave!)

Here's the wikipedia definition of popcorn:

Popcorn or popping corn is a type of corn which explodes from the kernel and puffs up when heated.

I was looking to find something positive in a rather negative situation. And came to the conclusion that I am the corn, there is a LOT of heat going on, and something is going to pop! But no... not bad popping. Great popping!!

Popping of thoughts, ideas, creations. Some of which I am working on this very moment! If there was no heat, there would be no popcorn... and I am thinking positive here... and embracing the heated situation to 'pop' something awesome!

In the heat of the moment... popping is the goal!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The cuteness factor

And what's cuter than a baby animal?!

African cuteness - photos at Tinga with special friends and family.

Baby rhino and giraffe at Pumba.

Early Christmas cuteness from my friend Adele stands just 2.5" tall. Chocolate cranberry Christmas cake (almost) too cute to eat!

Heart, bling, just 1.5" tall - how much cuter could I want?! Cute chair business card holder from my friend Venessa would make the cutest photo holder too!

And speaking of CUTE... have you seen these cute stamps that Stephanie has featured? There are some other beyond cute goodies on her blog, so be sure to check them out!

The response for Girlfriends' Getaway has been amazing. If you are thinking about booking... book! Or add it to your early Christmas wish list... quick!

The dates are Sunday, 1st to Monday, 2nd March 2009. The cost includes lunch, teas, dinner and accommodation on Sunday night; breakfast, lunch, teas on Monday; all scrapbooking projects.
It's going to be a fabulous getaway... for more venue details see the Mount Grace website.
More cuteness to follow...

Monday, November 03, 2008

You know you deserve it!

The promised announcement!!

Click on the image for a larger view. Email for more info and watch this and this space for updates.

It's not too early to add hints to your Christmas wish list. Girlfriends' Getaway is going to be just grand!