Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Photo: 10 Oct 2007

Not exactly weekly 'wise words', just my thoughts as they are today....

(Miss you little boy...)


Monday, July 28, 2008

What colour is your Monday?

yes, those are my feet! And no, I am not wearing odd socks - just a little mismatched that's all!
I love wearing these (from the fabulous company Little Miss Matched) it's a little hidden secret. Nobody has ever said anything to me, I doubt they'd know what to say!
Love the colour combo - it sure beats that proverbial "blue Monday". Check this out for more missmatched color wheel inspiration.
The My Freedom prompts are about creativity this week. Who wouldn't feel just a little creative wearing these?
On my desk today is an amazing machine - the RX690 which the awesome people at Epson have lent to me to play with. It can do some amazing stuff with photos and I have been fiddling around with some possibilities.... an article for Time & About, a class for Live, Scrap, Play! and a step-by-step right here. Just need to fine tune my experiments a bit first.
So thanks to Epson and Eprofile who are awesome sponsors for my event again this year, such a fabulous company to work with. And these great scrapbooking stores who have already confirmed that they will be hosting classes: Scrapbook Emporium, Fourways; Scrapachinos, Boskruin; The Scrapping Studio, Boksburg. I'll keep updating with additional info.
I also got to chat with Stephanie today about the projects and products she'll be using. She is really excited about coming to teach and her first visit to South Africa.
Live life in full colour!
P.S. I have no idea why blogger is messing up my spacing. Not good for a straight-lined, graphic, editorially affected person like me!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wise words....

Photo: Sabie River, Jan 2008

Good old big mouth - remember that Chomp chocolate TV advert from waaay back?!

So on that playful note... there are lots of behind the scenes preparations for this year's exciting scrapbook events - there will be Live, Scrap, Play! with Lara (you can read more about on the Polka Dot Chicks blog or here), and we're pulling in my Scrapbooking for Hope to raise funds for breast cancer awareness.

So local girls, get your stores excited about hosting an event (12-18 October) with the talented Stephanie Ackerman. You can check out some of her creativity here and here and here.

We're so excited to be hosting this creative 'simply complicated' gal!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Circle of life...

A week of introspection... influenced by, amongst other things, exploring inspiration and aspirations as prompts in the My Freedom class.

These two photos are pinned on the wall to my left along with wall art that reads "Life!".

Yes, this is my life...

I see these photos everyday. Perhaps I consider this an idea of the 'older' me looking at the younger me. How much has happened in between those two instances- that's 30 something years - the thing called life!

How many times have you wished to turn back the clock?
How often do you wonder what could have been?
Given the chance, what would you change?

With these thoughts, here's a page layout idea: create a timeline of your life with an old photo and a current photo of yourself. You'll be amazed at how many memories will begin to surface. Perhaps leading to ideas for other layouts you'd like to create.

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Words of wisdom

Photo: Grand Canyon sunset

Pondering on these wise words this morning. Amazing what "nice" words can do {wink}

The photos, and I have hundreds, don't do fair justice to the absolute magnificence of this place. The beauty of God's creation literally took my breath away at each look out point of the Grand Canyon. Many moments of personal inspiration.

One of my favourite columns in Time & About is "Inspiration Station". Readers are given an everyday object and asked to create a layout inspired by said object, selecting design, colour scheme or a single element. It's so interesting to see how differently people interpret their inspiration.

Where do you find inspiration, what inspires you?

On the creative front I've got a little behind on the prompts for "My Freedom" this week, hoping to catch up in the next couple of days. And a layout to create for tomorrow's class, fitting that in today amongst the echoes of the kind words!

Hoping to post pictures sometime soon.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hot off the press

T&A issue #8

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Wednesday's Wise Words (pronounced WOW!)

Today was just the most amazing day spent with the talented ladies at The Heartfelt Project. Three of us travelled a long way in really horrid traffic, but the reception from the ladies who welcomed us like long lost friends was so worth it.

Martha and the heartfelt ladies were thrilled with the boxes of goodies we took them - pretty much speechless. It did my own little heart the world of good.

Our happy hearts carried us back home in some more traffic, but at least it was moving! Fi brought along the essentials: bottled water, snack bars, dried mango and some dry wors (real South African snack - can't explain, have to taste!).

The My Freedom prompt for today is "what's in your suitcase?". If I was on my own I would have at least had the bottle of water, don't travel anywhere without one, even 10 minutes down the road. So when you travel, whether it's down the road, down to the beach or overseas, what is your essential?

Loving these wise words too -
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." ~ Helen Keller


Monday, July 07, 2008

On my desk Monday...

Time... the commodity that’s in hot demand.

I have wished for more hours in my day, but that really wouldn’t help as I would still have too much to do in my day. There was no choice but to embrace the 24 hours I do have. In doing so, I have recently had to do some serious decision making to fit it all in - the work, the play, the charity - and remain sane!

It’s all one thing - scrapbooking - but I have to compartmentalise to distinguish for myself which is which. So today it’s a decision to make a bit of time for me to play. I signed up for Shimelle’s My Freedom class, with the hope that I will actually have the time to do it!

In the spirit of finding or making more time....

Photo: one hot spot - Target, Mesa, Arizona

And physically on my desk (or just under it) is a nice pile of goodies ready to go to The Hearfelt Project.

Thank you to all who have already sent or delivered supplies for this awesome project that I mentioned here, I am planning a little trip to see the ladies at Heartfelt and will update with more details.

Please carry on sending... I would love to be able to have a continuous supply to give to the ladies!

News just in: Check out the Heartfelt News where we have received a little mention. It makes my heart happy too.