Friday, April 17, 2009

Here's the {brilliant} answer!!!

Remember this post last week? My marketing background has kept me skeptical about this being a legitimate cause, but the way things are here, you just never can know for sure!

Well... here is the answer....

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 1:45 AM
Subject: Don't change something that doesn't need to be changed

South Africa, we agree!

It's silly to change something that doesn't need to be.

Mrs. Ball's decided to prove this, so we invented the National Skirt Extension Project, requiring all ladies toilet signs to be replaced with a longer skirt. Not surprisingly, you weren’t keen on the idea.
Take a look at this video to see what happened.
So it seems we agree. If something doesn't need changing, don't change it.

That's why nobody changes our chutney.

Mrs. Ball's
Uncompromised since 1856

South Africa, thanks for being such a good sport.

Mrs Ball's chutney is a South African legend. It's what South African's living abroad miss, it's what they get family members to bring on visits and it's what all SA expat stores keep on their shelves.
Here's a link for more info.
Absolute marketing genius! But more importantly... I get to use my scrapbooking embellishments just as they are!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh happy day!!

This is my mom! Isn't she just a cutie? And it's her birthday today.

If it wasn't for her, I guess I wouldn't be here, so really I do have her to thank for everything that I have. Also, she's one of my bestest scrapbooking buddies! What more could I wish for?!

Happy Birthday precious Mom, love you!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To love what you do
and feel that it matters...
how could anything be more fun.
-Katherine Graham
So happy that I get to do what I love!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sneak preview and a Sweet day for a Special person

See all those S's?

Today is my creative soul friend, Stephanie's birthday! It's a special birthday too. So please click on over and wish her a fabulous day (she deserves it!!)

And the sneak peek....

I have just received a pack of goodies for the Mega Crop hosted by The Scrapping Studio on 1st May. It's a full day, full of surprises, goodies and great scrapbooking. There are 5 sessions with 5 instructors doing 5 projects (and tea and lunch and all the other fabulous things Audrey and Sarah always come up with!)

I'll be teaching 1 of the sessions and might even get to play during the course of the day. So looking forward to the day and meeting up with scrapbookers that I have got to know over the years at the various events.

There might still be a space for you, you don't' want to miss out! Check out Scrapping Studio's blog for more info.

So it's to my creative space this week I need to go for something good!

Enjoy the short week SA girls!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The *new* fashion pages - bathroom signs!

My choice of scrapbooking embellishments may be affected by public bathroom signs!!'s an advert that appeared in the Sunday Times (prominent SA newspaper) this Sunday...a little late for Aprils fools (?)

You can check out this website for information about the National Skirt Extension Project.

In the meantime, what do I do about my stash of embellishments?

1. Do I contact manufacturers and let them know their products don't comply with our new standards?

2. Do I buy the temporary stickers to stick over my embellishments, knowing they won't coordinate with my layout colour schemes?

3. Do I use them anyway and take a chance that I am not "playing my part in shaping perceptions" (from the nsep website).

If it's not a joke, it's a great marketing game by some company.

Better stay tuned!


Friday, April 03, 2009


In search of balance....

I enjoyed this scene right outside my window...

I took some long introspective strolls...

I had a couple of daily cat naps...

And learnt (once again)... to just take one step at a time...

{if you don't cross the bridge, you won't know what's on the other side}

Here's to restoration and the continued pursuit of balance.