Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time for a (major) catch up...

So much has happened since the first of Spring! I have loads of amazing stuff to share from my privileged time here and fun time here in the last 2 weeks. But... right now I want to share a big change of season for me personally...

Cover layout: Lara Cousins

Time & About Issue #9 is now on sale, full of Spring inspiration for the new season. It also happens to be my final issue as Editor of the magazine. As I mentioned in my letter from the Editor's Desk, my time for change has come.

I feel like I am letting go of a baby, having been involved from Issue #1 when T&A launched. Here are some of my layouts from that very first issue and those from my last issue.

BFF and Princess Pooch - Fuzzy Finds (Pg 56 felt article)
100% Boy - FabScraps Advertorial (Pg 49)
TJ Style - Dymo-mite! (Pg 78 Office Bound - dymo tape article)

In addition: Pg 38 Henkel-Pritt Advertorial; Pg 42 Epson Advertorial; Pg 52 T&A Team Challenge; Pg 59 Views of DC.


Let's Play!

(Pg 44 Four single pages, framed. Scenic Route and Bazzill Basics)
-page scans not so great!-

And on that note... look out for regular updates for Live, Scrap, Play! just 3 short weeks away...


Monday, September 01, 2008


Rainbow colours....

Photo: Flickr

Happy Spring Day, South Africa and the southern hemisphere! Love the warmer weather.