Sunday, October 22, 2006

Crystal Ball Gazing...

... and I know why we're not meant to know what the future holds. I never want to look into a crystal ball, I want the future to be just that - the future. We aren't supposed to know what it holds. I believe we should live every day to its fullest.

I totally LOVED today. There are a couple of hours left of my birthday, and I had a special day shared with my family (my sis, brother inlaw and my parents). Add one special little boy Nkosi, who spent the night with Wawa and Uncle Daze (he talks a lot now!)

Yes, the day started with 4 hours of work! But that's what happens less than a week before a series of country-wide events for a total of more than 800 people!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, cards and pressies I've received - LOVED it all.

I think this week is going to be a busy one.... I'll take just one day at a time... and as for the future... I'll wait til I get there.


1 comment:

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