Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Change is as good as....

... they say it's as good as a holiday!

I don't have time for a holiday so I thought I'd give my blog a little revamp! There's a long way to go still and these things ALWAYS take way longer than you would think!

The banner picture was taken at sunset over the Grand Canyon - an experience that sits very high on my list of all time favourites.

I'm off to set up at Hobby-X in about five minutes, or just as soon as the printer finishes up!

Here are some {very} wise words from a special friend who sent it to me as a reminder....

The truth of the matter is that
you always know the right thing to do.
The hard part is doing it.
- General H. Norman Schwarzkopf -


fi said...

Very nice...

Cathy said...

Love the new look... your blog and your hairstyle (saw your pic on Scrap Shack!).... enjoy your holiday... opps I mean change!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have met you at Hobby-X. Great magazine by the way.