Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time for a (major) catch up...

So much has happened since the first of Spring! I have loads of amazing stuff to share from my privileged time here and fun time here in the last 2 weeks. But... right now I want to share a big change of season for me personally...

Cover layout: Lara Cousins

Time & About Issue #9 is now on sale, full of Spring inspiration for the new season. It also happens to be my final issue as Editor of the magazine. As I mentioned in my letter from the Editor's Desk, my time for change has come.

I feel like I am letting go of a baby, having been involved from Issue #1 when T&A launched. Here are some of my layouts from that very first issue and those from my last issue.

BFF and Princess Pooch - Fuzzy Finds (Pg 56 felt article)
100% Boy - FabScraps Advertorial (Pg 49)
TJ Style - Dymo-mite! (Pg 78 Office Bound - dymo tape article)

In addition: Pg 38 Henkel-Pritt Advertorial; Pg 42 Epson Advertorial; Pg 52 T&A Team Challenge; Pg 59 Views of DC.


Let's Play!

(Pg 44 Four single pages, framed. Scenic Route and Bazzill Basics)
-page scans not so great!-

And on that note... look out for regular updates for Live, Scrap, Play! just 3 short weeks away...



Cathy said...

Love the new issue Lara... will definately miss your stamp on the upcoming ones.. but change it good. Good luck with your new steps in life.

Adele said...

For everything, there is a season. Now for a little LA-time...
You did an awesome job, my friend, and you can move on with pride in a job {superbly} well done. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Love you, my friend and am, as ever- so proud of you, too.

Michelle Aguilar said...

Wow, Hello Lara, I am the one that truly enjoyed your teaching for Kelli or Amy for the Friday Night class. I was on the bus tour, live in Mesa, {just trying to see if you know who I am} Ok spiked hair chick!
Anyway I am glad I found you blog and I move for you to teach for CE next year.

Wow, you are an editor in chief of this magazine? Wow, where can a person like me purchase one?

Remember I loved your accent.
I am waiting on when Amy's buy these tiny staplers. Hum, I wonder if they have come in yet.

well time for me to say good night.

take care Lara and it was so nice to see you and meet you!

karin said...

Hey Lara,
I love your (longer) hair, saw you at the Expo. Sad to hear that you are leaving as Editor, why?, what is new in your life?
take care