Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The *new* fashion pages - bathroom signs!

My choice of scrapbooking embellishments may be affected by public bathroom signs!!'s an advert that appeared in the Sunday Times (prominent SA newspaper) this Sunday...a little late for Aprils fools (?)

You can check out this website for information about the National Skirt Extension Project.

In the meantime, what do I do about my stash of embellishments?

1. Do I contact manufacturers and let them know their products don't comply with our new standards?

2. Do I buy the temporary stickers to stick over my embellishments, knowing they won't coordinate with my layout colour schemes?

3. Do I use them anyway and take a chance that I am not "playing my part in shaping perceptions" (from the nsep website).

If it's not a joke, it's a great marketing game by some company.

Better stay tuned!



jacki janse van rensburg said...

you can cut the girl's legs shorter, so the skirt looks longer... :-)

Cathy said...

oh this is so funny.... whatever next will they come up with to object about! And if it's just the signs, what are they going to do about the actual skirts that woman wear... the mini for case in point? hehehe

{Candice} said...

Good grief!
Please tell me this IS a joke :oP
You would think their are more important things for the powers-that-be to get their knickers in a knot about!
I've got tons of those boy/girl embellies - I guess my layouts are just going to have to be politically incorrect from now on...oh well!