Saturday, May 02, 2009

Smiley, happy people...

Happy people are more creative
Happy people fix problems and come up with solutions
Happy people have more energy
Happy people are more optimistic
Happy people are more motivated
Happy people get sick less often
Happy people learn faster
Happy people make better decisions
Happy people worry less about making mistakes and consequently make fewer mistakes.

Why worry... Be happy!

I know scrapbookers worldwide are happy today as it's celebrated as {inter}national scrapbooking day; South Africans are happy with another long weekend; I'm really happy after spending the day yesterday with 100 scrapbookers at The Scrapping Studio's
Now the little :( for me is that I started taking some great photos first thing in the morning, only to discover that my memory card wasn't in the camera!! I had been downloading photos for my presentation and neglected to put it back in the camera. In my mission to travel "light" with all the other bits and pieces I took with, I didn't take my camera bag with the spare memory card either!

So hopefully I will get photos from the day and will be able to post some of them. It was a fabulous day - 5 double page layouts taught by 5 different teachers, tea with the yummiest cake and koeksisters and a lovely lunch. Fantastic lucky draws and prizes and some happy, happy scrapbookers!
Looking forward to the next one ;)

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Cathy said...

Loved the megacrop... and your layout was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us and putting me in touch with a great day out.