Thursday, December 10, 2009

All a glitter...

As soon as the image arrived in my inbox, I knew I just had to have one, which would mean making one.

And so I did!

My tree and decorations are an unconventional pink and green with a little touch of blue this year.

Instead of buttons for the poinsettia middles, I pulled out my never-used stash of 3-D gluedots and sprinkled pink and green glitter onto them and then stuck them onto the paper flowers.

The base is a large round polystyrene circle and I ended up needing 45 flowers to fill it.

You can find the original tutorial here.

 And today.... I'll be spending all a glitter! The stuff sticks to everything!


Sophia said...

This is beautiful the colour too... said...

I want one! :) Sure wished you lived closer.