Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where I went...

Nowhere actually! Been busy, busy. Designing a new project for the class I'll be doing in Umhlanga next month at Scrap 'n Patch. Having fun at my once a week class at Scraptifity, it's awesome meeting new people. And of course my ladies who come to my studio for classes - love the jokes ladies!

Plans for Scrapbooking for Hope are hotting up! There are exciting sponsors coming on board and some VERY exciting competitions being planned with AWESOME prizes (and some firsts for SA)

Trying to keep warm too. I do summer better than I do winter!



Kip said...

I"m thinking to myself, where's Umhlanga and then I look over and see you're from South Africa!! How neat! I teach and we once had a family from SA and I loved them to death. Hope your new project does well!


... said...

So cute! A pink blog! Are those not Candy's curly brackets? Hee Hee!