Thursday, August 10, 2006

THIS is the "SPACE"...'ve been watching

Scrapbooking for Hope brings you…

a first in South Africa

…for the Hall of Fame wannabees and Scrapbook Celebrity followers…

Your opportunity to have a layout created especially for you, with your photos, by a scrapbook celebrity or one of the 2006 CK Hall of Fame inductees.

This is how it works:

- Each ticket will be worth a R10 donation to the Breast Health Foundation and gives you one ticket in the big draw.

- The number of “tickets” we sell is unlimited.

If you donate R50 you get 6 tickets in the draw
If you donate R100 you get 12 tickets in the draw

Complete your details on the form attached and fax or email together with your proof of payment.

My grateful thanks to these talented scrapbookers who have recently been awarded the prestigious title 2006 Hall of Famer and have so generously donated prizes of page layouts.

Click on their names to see their work and then do your thing to stand in line to win!

Wilna Furstenberg - our very own Proudly South African export

Vicki Boutin

Kim Crothers

Elizabeth Dillow

Nisa Fiin

Marla Kress

Tiffany Tillman

Jennifer Olson

Brittany Laakkonen

Mary MacAskill

Amanda Probst

Leora Sanford

Angelia Wigginton

Jessica Sprague

Angi Stevens

Heather Preckel

Jennifer Adams Donnelly

Amy Totty - talented designer and my special friend

Kelli Collins - lover of life and beautiful things and a great friend

Ngaire Bartlam - Australian scrapbook designer and author and breast cancer supporter

Rhonna Farrer - Garden Girl on Two Peas

Thank you for your support!