Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm a law-abiding citizen...

... and I had Mr Johannesburg Metro Policeman confirm that for me today!

I got pulled over in a roadblock. Weird... I just had a feeling I would be parked at the side of the road when I saw all the police cars. Even though I knew 100% I had not done anything wrong, it's still so horrid being questioned like that. I guess they're looking after the roads with the Easter weekend coming up. So drive carefully see.

Look at the gorgeous roses I got from
my father. I think he loves me!
And I just found out last night
that he reads my blog, (hallo H, love you too!)

I couldn't' get onto my computer this afternoon with all the thunder and lightning. Instead I sat with 6 layouts I've done over the last week and did all my handwritten journaling. Feeling good about that.

The Making Memories Idol competition is now on Round 5. My totally talented friend Joey has made it to the Top 5. This was after anonymous voting. We'll have to wait for Monday to vote for the next round. Thinking of you Joey!

Well, with the long weekend, tomorrow will feel like Friday. Need to keep focused...lots to do!



Corinnexxx said...

thanks for stopping by at my blog! love the gorgeous roses you got and the live start play sounds so wonderful!


karin said...

Hi Lara,
Congratulations on the Editors position, i'm sure Roenell picked the perfect person for her magazine. i pray that you will be happy!!! looking forward to the mag and everything you cooked up for us!
take care

Wilna said...

Hey Lara!! It's been such a looong time sinse I visited you! (too long!) I hope to see you in SA this year!