Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Paying it Forward...

...all the way from South Africa to... America!

My friend Stephanie,who does those great doodles I coloured in last week is raising funds for a special cause, close to my heart. I have donated an item for her auction - a whole bunch of chipboard goodies made in South Africa, as well as the new magazine (Time & About) I am so proud to be a part of.

So... how many of you have scrapbooking stuff from all the way across the sea?!

It's a great cause so please check it all out on Stephanie's blog and place your bids (quick).

And other AWESOME news.....

Joey is the new Making Memories Idol. So happy for her!


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karin said...

you've been tagged by me, visit my blog for the details, and only the truth will do!!lol