Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's true...

... I am doing Scrapbooking for Hope this year! During October - internationally recognised as breast cancer awareness month.

We have a very dear family friend who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. It just reminded me again how precious life is and that we, as women, need to be aware.

The details will be included in the next issue of Time & About which will be on sale shortly.

My international blog readers... if you've been looking for an excuse to come to South Africa... this is going to be awesome. Updated info will be available for this awesome charity scrapbooking event here and here!

Have a great week.


catherine feegel-erhardt said...

hi there friend!
now i have an excuse to head to s. africa... now to convince the "dh".
sounds exciting... will be on the lookout for more info.
happy mother's day!
ps... positive thoughts and prayers for your family

Cathy said...

Looking forward to both events... tell me more and soon...