Thursday, November 12, 2009

1 +1 = 2

My love of reading, using and creating with quotes is followed a close second by my enjoyment of words themselves and their meanings!

I'm a great fan of this fabulous online dictionary and thesaurus and as the editor of Time & About magazine (another scrapbook mag no longer around) I spent many hours word hunting.

And today, just for fun, and because it's weekend inspiration time, I want to share 2 very special words with you straight from the dictionary...

cre·a·tive (krē-ā'tĭv) [kree-ey-tiv] –adj.

1. Having the ability or power to create
2. Productive; creating
3. Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative

Related Forms:
cre⋅a⋅tive⋅ly, (adverb); cre'a·tiv'i·ty; cre⋅a⋅tive⋅ness, noun

soul  [sohl] –noun

1. the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans,
2. the emotional part of human nature; the seat of the feelings or sentiments
3. a human being; person
4. high-mindedness; noble warmth of feeling, spirit or courage, etc.
5. the inspirer or moving spirit of some action, movement, etc
6. deeply felt emotion, as conveyed or expressed by a performer or artist.

spirit. heart. essence, core

Put those 2 words together and what do you get...?

Yes, and about time there was a reawakening too! Check out our Creative Souls blog with some new updates, and a quest to continue to inspire all you creative souls out there.

This really is a busy time of year for all of us and it takes on a whole new dimension for me with the addition of my little soul. But it's also the time of year when we need to exercise our creativity - with our resources, with our time, with gifts, with celebrations.

We hope you'll join us as we create and inspire. Come share shortcuts and hot tips for creating during this time.

Fill me in - what inspires you, who inspires you?

One of my greatest sources of inspiration in this industry is this incredible woman who I am privileged to call a friend. I love her pursuit of happiness, the way she embraces colour, and her continual inspiration that spreads throughout the scrapbooking community.

She is a creative soul who has *sprinkled* my life with much joy.

Be inspired this weekend and know that you too, are a creative soul.


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