Friday, February 18, 2011


It has been a strangely slow start (in some ways) to a very hectic pace of the new year...and I am (trying) emerging in different ways...  Here's to being brave!

Brave Girls Club

And here's my favourite Daily Truth from this week:

Dear Generous Girl,

Feeling blue? Want to feel renewed?

Reach out to another today and treat her the way that you wish to be treated; and then find ways to treat her even better than that.

Give help that you alone can give. Express thankfulness for another's daily diligence of mundane tasks. See the divinity in the eyes of everyone you meet, and make sure they know that you know just how spectacular they are.

No matter how tired, discouraged, or overwhelmed, sad, or mad you might feel one moment, you will feel like a brand new brave girl after reaching out to another in kindness and generosity.

This is a beautiful way to go through life, and you deserve a beautiful life. So reach out and give all that you have to give today.

"A little bird told me" - your Daily Truth from The Brave Girls Club

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