Monday, March 12, 2007

Half empty, or half full?

What kind of person are you? Do you see that glass half full or is it half empty?

While sitting in the car in a parking lot over the weekend, I noticed a lady being helped to the passenger side of a car. I think she might have had cerebral palsy and walked very badly, struggling with a walking aid and being assisted by a woman she was with.

I noticed how she battled down the pavement trying to get into the car. But do you know what was even more noticeable? The look on her face. They had just come out of a coffee shop and were obviously still engrossed in conversation. Both the woman were talking and laughing and each pause perhaps wasn't the struggle to walk, it could have been that it was the pause to catch their breath as they laughed together.

This really got me thinking about things I sometimes complain about. Things that could be better, but are in actual fact really not all bad.

When those things get me down, I have to be honest and say, my glass really is half full. For most days of my life, my glass is full and I'm grateful for it.

So this week, start on a positive note. Even if it's not as good as it should be, it can at least be half good and that's not half bad.

I did have a full weekend. Full of fun. For me.

Here are my jars filled with ribbon. These are mostly bits and pieces of offcuts and the bits I might pull out, but mostly they're for me just to look at. They're on top of the shelf above my computer. I also have 2 and now need a 3rd rod with spools of ribbon and a wall with ribbon on manufacturers cards too. Then.... there are my plastic containers with big bolts of ribbon that I've collected on my travels just because they're nice! Yes, I love ribbon. Yes, I have a lot of it. Yes, of course I use it. Just not all at one time!
Have a positive "full" week...


Adele said...

Those are just DELICIOUS! Georg and I watched the Cinderella Man on Mnet last night, and I've been thinking about it all day. I'd been feeling a bit sorry for myself- and there was this man who couldn't afford to feed his family. I am so blessed! You've inspired me to try and live it a bit more.

fi said...

Half full!In our country it's unfortunately all too easy to find someone worse off....and I carry ALL their troubles on my shoulders...if only I could find a genie with three wishes to grant...but I still try to remain positive because there is still SO MUCH to feel good about!
Hmmm on a lighter note, your jars are quite FULL and I can tell by the lids (yes I know, I am sad) that those are the humongous jars!!! Ya do know there is a fine line between hobby and mental illness?

Theresa said...

Heavy thoughts for a Monday! Good comparisons though. We all should stop and realize just how blessed we really are.

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Ohh, great entry today!

Ingrid said...

Hi Lara

Just discovered your blog, and I love it already! Love your "half full" post. Hubby & I went through the whole "how blessed we are" thing in November 2006, and it led to us making a huge decision in our lives - not to go ahead with building our dreamhouse. It was real hard, and still is, but we have been BLESSED amazingly eversince. Our lives are FULL, and on the 'not so good' days, half-FULL.

karin said...

the times the glass is not half full and i notice, is when i pray the hardest. loved visiting your blog again Lara, brilliant as usual, come see me 2.
take care

vicki baard said...

Thanks for that. I just look at my two children and know how lucky I am! Somedays I moan I know, especially when there is a lot of running around to do, but thank goodness they are healthy and doing well.