Friday, March 09, 2007

North vs South

Oops, a week went by and in between I tried to do an email blog post and it got lost in blog-nowhere-land. So here I am!

I'm feeling like my Northern Hemisphere friends experiencing signs of spring - blessed with this beautiful bunch of tulips from Adele.

Here, down South it's beginning to get a little chillier. It's so much darker at 6am these days and getting up while it's still dark is one thing I really can do without during winter.

A very BIG thanks for voting for my friend Joey

Joey is now through to the next round of 30 finalists in the Making Memories Idols competition. You can log onto the website for reminders to vote, or check back here and I'll remind you too.

I think the next round of voting will be on Monday / Tuesday depending on where you're North or South!

And speaking of North... I did mention there was exciting news
that would be good for all of us...

I was near Northgate.. Hobby-X... and got this hot off the press!

It's our new South African scrapbooking magazine Time & About, published by Elkanan Media Publications.

I have an article in it and there's also a feature on the Polka Dot Chicks! You'll enjoy the layouts and ideas which are totally scrapliftable!

The magazine will be available through local SA scrapbook stores as well as some stationery stores and newsagents or contact Time & About directly.

And that's not all... there's more to follow, soon. I'll keep you posted {promise}

I've just bought myself some big 3L glass jars for more storage stuff. I did say I was a sucker for container type things. I will be posting pics of those. You haven't seen my plastic drawer storage thingys cos I ran out of time (due to T&A deadlines!) and I need another one.

I'll be southbound, playing with jars and ribbons this weekend. Anything exciting happening your end of the world?



Anonymous said...

The mag looks fab! Can't wait to hear more.

BonnieRose said...

the mag looks awesome.. waves to you fr sunny MN here in the USA!!! HUGS

Tan said...

Can't wait to get a hold of Time and About, looks fresh and new! Thanks for sharing!

fi said...

Don't faint....but I made a full 8 x 8 album this morning! Now I am designing wedding invitations...a paper full weekend for me!

Adele said...

Glad you like the tulips. Got the mag- it's great, 'fresh' is definately the right adjective...