Saturday, June 30, 2007

The half way mark

... halfway through the year - officially. Quite hard to believe.
I thought having an event in July would mean time would be kind, and move slower. it just means that the first half of the year has flown. Can I even hope that the second half won't?!
We indulged in this - yummy.... Brought back memories of being in the snow in Washington DC and walking around Anaheim at CHA in January. Our one in Sandton City doesn't have my favorite "sticks" but those were so delicious anyway.
The Polka Dot Chicks have their silent auction today at Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa Arizona in support of Live, Scrap, PLAY and the children at Footprints. This is such an awesome thing, I am so grateful for the precious friends I have met through scrapbooking.
One of the little boys had a birthday this week. Took 10 of them to Macs, dressed in very similar tops - all red. Quite a sight to see (and control). Not my favourite place to be but they sure did a great job with face painting, candle blowing, playing and balloons.
One little 3 year old, battling with his burger that kept falling apart, complained: "my food not working". I think I feel a mini album project coming here...
I'm doing a HUGE "spring clean" in the middle of winter. The donated product for the projects arrives this week and I need the space. So far, one room done.
Have a great weekend.


Adele said...

No Way- guess what I just licked off my fingers- classic cinnabon frosting. G next to me on the couch munching on a pecan one...
Real winter food- there's a new outlet at Clearwater (tho' no sticks...)

Hope you're having a good w/end.

love A.

fi said...

I got one of the pecan ones at Clearwater...but I just pointed and said 'that one please"...didn't realise they came in a smaller size! I had to eat it in three stages (breakfast, lunch and supper!) Most delicious thing I have ever tasted. Oh, I spring clean, autumn clean, winter clean and summer clean....the stuff just seems to breed...its a never ending task and I don't even hoard stuff sentimentally. Drives me nuts, but at least I always find a deserving home for it and someone benefits. I have benn trying not to buy anything new until all my old stuff is depleted...not always easy!

Sarah (AKA monroegirl) said...

Oh I want to eat that!

Angela said...

OOOOH! Cinnabon! Lord I miss that place sooooo badly! YUM!!

kelli said...

How food not working. I will have to remember that as I struggle to scrap at 2AM one morning! {giggle}

Vicki Baard said...

Wow! have to visit this place in Clearwater!!!! Looks like just the kind of DIET food I need!