Monday, June 04, 2007

Where is May??

May is gone!

I keep saying that I can't believe how fast the time goes by. May was full and maybe that's the reason

  1. celebrated my wedding anniversary
  2. was my blog's 1 year anniversary
  3. it was mother's day
  4. and probably keeping me most busy... Time & About #2 came out

I think if I blink, June will be gone too. So I'm keeping my eyes as wide open as possible, so that I get it all done before I run out of time!

Have you seen these...??

Woolworths has my favourite colour in their very handy shopping bags - yummy dark brown. Yes, there are about 30 bags here, and no I don't have any shopping expeditions planned!

These are for those special Polka Dot Chicks. They like them (a lot) and it's a very useful scrapbooking bag to have too - fit 12x12 perfectly! They will look stunning embellished with pink!

I've been to another 2 different Woolies since and haven't seen them. So either someone else is also shopping for Amy and Kelli, or else they just haven't come in yet!

Let me know where you spot more....

Liking this quote: "If you speak kind words, you'll hear kind echoes."



fi said...

Well, lots of congratulations due!
The magazine is wonderful.
Clearwater Mall and Northgate had the brown bags (I added to my already humungous collection) don't know if they still do. They have a seperator inside them though - for wine, milk, flowers, scrap stash?

Adele said...

I wonder how long it will take woolies to figure out that a cartel is buying out their stock of choc brown shopping bags...

I'll keep my eyes open!

Adrienne said...

It is gone, gone, gone! lol, July will be here soon! Lol

tanB said...

The mag looks great - I picked it up at 9am on Sat, flicked thru it while driving to my photography class, and then handed it over to the dudes who teach the class. Gotta get my own copy now!
What about an 'Embellishing Woolies Bag' scrapping class! Sure the Dotty Chicks or La would come up with some cool ideas! Could be fun.