Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just in case you've forgotten....

... and I might have too... So, I took this quiz to find out who I am:

Hello, my name is Lara!

My Japanese name is: Sakura Daigo

My Hillbilly name is: Linda Sue Walker

My French name is: Fayme Petit (like it!)

My Pirate name is: Mad Hook-Handed Helen

My Superhero name is: The Arch Flame

My Rapper name is: Clever Scrappy (seriously it is!)

And it's good to be breathing normally again! Succumbed a little to this thing called publishing deadline. I have a breather now for about, oh say, a day or so!

Will be blogging sooner....




vicki baard said...

ok then Linda, Helen or clever scrappy.....
where did you get this info then??
Nice to see you're back!
Can add you to my list of distractions!

fi said...

Hi its me, Momoko Oimikado, or as I am better known, when I wear my underwear as outerwear, The Armadillo Virtuoso.... Hope you liked your late birthday pressie...