Thursday, November 22, 2007

What I've really been doing...

...between then and now....

I have....
- celebrated a birthday
- signed off T&A #5 for print
- seen the Lion King
- sat in a really fun card-making class
- created a couple of layouts for me, classes, the next T&A
- skipped a meal or two
- skyped America, Switzerland and around the corner
- improved my water skiing skills
- still not learnt to jump quickly into the water

...and those are some of my reasons for not being here!

And for today, to my friends in America... happy Thanksgiving!

And it really wouldn't be a bad idea if we all could all adopt a day for being grateful. How about putting together a little gratitude journal, or scrapbook a page.

Here are some fun topics for gratitude journals:
1. Things that make me laugh
2. Prayers of thanks
3. What I love about myself
4. Opportunities I'm thankful for
5. People who've changed my life
6. Life-changing experiences
7. The job I love best
8. Relationships that make a difference
9. Life's lessons
10. What makes my house a home



catherine feegel-erhardt said...

you have been B U S Y !
happy thanksgiving... i am grateful to have met you and to be able to call you F R I E N D!

fi said...

Mrs C! Water ski-ing????? I need to see the page lay out of that!