Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Words of wisdom

Photo: Grand Canyon sunset

Pondering on these wise words this morning. Amazing what "nice" words can do {wink}

The photos, and I have hundreds, don't do fair justice to the absolute magnificence of this place. The beauty of God's creation literally took my breath away at each look out point of the Grand Canyon. Many moments of personal inspiration.

One of my favourite columns in Time & About is "Inspiration Station". Readers are given an everyday object and asked to create a layout inspired by said object, selecting design, colour scheme or a single element. It's so interesting to see how differently people interpret their inspiration.

Where do you find inspiration, what inspires you?

On the creative front I've got a little behind on the prompts for "My Freedom" this week, hoping to catch up in the next couple of days. And a layout to create for tomorrow's class, fitting that in today amongst the echoes of the kind words!

Hoping to post pictures sometime soon.


1 comment:

jakey said...

Not sure how I found myself here.. but I am lovin all your 'kind' wise quotes.

(luv those crazy socks too girl! lol!)