Monday, July 28, 2008

What colour is your Monday?

yes, those are my feet! And no, I am not wearing odd socks - just a little mismatched that's all!
I love wearing these (from the fabulous company Little Miss Matched) it's a little hidden secret. Nobody has ever said anything to me, I doubt they'd know what to say!
Love the colour combo - it sure beats that proverbial "blue Monday". Check this out for more missmatched color wheel inspiration.
The My Freedom prompts are about creativity this week. Who wouldn't feel just a little creative wearing these?
On my desk today is an amazing machine - the RX690 which the awesome people at Epson have lent to me to play with. It can do some amazing stuff with photos and I have been fiddling around with some possibilities.... an article for Time & About, a class for Live, Scrap, Play! and a step-by-step right here. Just need to fine tune my experiments a bit first.
So thanks to Epson and Eprofile who are awesome sponsors for my event again this year, such a fabulous company to work with. And these great scrapbooking stores who have already confirmed that they will be hosting classes: Scrapbook Emporium, Fourways; Scrapachinos, Boskruin; The Scrapping Studio, Boksburg. I'll keep updating with additional info.
I also got to chat with Stephanie today about the projects and products she'll be using. She is really excited about coming to teach and her first visit to South Africa.
Live life in full colour!
P.S. I have no idea why blogger is messing up my spacing. Not good for a straight-lined, graphic, editorially affected person like me!!


fi said...

My Monday was red!Seven red postcards in my postbox today... what more can a girl ask for?

I like your socks. I have black 'n white striped socks, my kids call them prisoner socks and my friends, a little less kindly, call them my witch socks!

Marie said...

Aren't you lucky getting new gadgets to play with, that would make any Monday un-blue. I LOVE those socks! Fabulous.

My Monday was rainbow coloured. The best kind :)


Carrie said...

Oh yum! I love those socks & have bought them for myself & daughters! Feel so creative funky in them! lol