Thursday, October 23, 2008

Breathless and speechless

...I'm running a HUGE catch-up game right now... and hoping that I win it (soon!).

First a very big thank you for all my birthday messages from across the world, and especially those visiting from Stephanie's blog.

Secondly, what an amazing 2 weeks I just spent with 2 wonderful women. It was such an honour for me to have Stephanie and Bonnie visit for the Live, Scrap, Play! events.

Stephanie has been really good with the updates of her trip, so visit her blog for the pictures. It's going to take me some time to get with that program and I will be adding pictures to the Live, Scrap, Play! blog as well.

Special thanks too, to all who have emailed me directly or the participating scrapbook stores with feedback from the events - it certainly seems that Stephanie's projects and her anticipated doodle-light bulb moments were an absolute hit.

And speaking of doodles.... don't you just *love* my new banner?! Such a treat being able to watch Stephanie play with her toys 'n tools!

I'll be back with updates...


Susan said...

Your new banner is awesome - Steph is so talented! What a wonderful glimpse we've been given of your world - wow!

Anonymous said...

that banner is cuuuuute. Well done on your catching up!

Sophia said...

Love the cute!!!

By he way I tagged you on my blog, go look.


Hey, not fair!!! Just love it! Want one too - but have got my frame though!

Linda said...

Its stunning, i want one too for my house and my office and my room and my garden etc etc
Well done!!!