Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's not Spring...

... in my part of the world, BUT I'm in a serious spring cleaning mode. Went to my favourite plastic shop today and bought a couple of these.

Not quite sure what will be stored in them just yet, but hopefully by the weekend they will be full and some other places will be clean. As part of my "spring clean" I've been going through my huge library of scrapbooking magazines and idea books that I've been collecting since 2002! A pretty scary situation. So amazing how trends have changed and how some of the old names in scrapbooking are still around and many who we don't hear of anymore.'s time for the mags to find a new home, thus creating space for my new toys!

What are you up to this weekend?




fi said...

I have spent the entire weekend in bed... Would have enjoyed it so much more if I had been feeling well! I am now up (though I should be going to bed!) and developing a possible addiction to Woolies "chocolate fudgey brownie icecream" any more of it and I will have to throw my stuff out so I can fit in the room!

Adele said...

Must be catchy- or something in the air. I am also having a big clean up and throw dining room is full of six black bags of stuff I'm getting rid of. And that's just the beginning...It's quite a liberating feeling, I just wish I didn't have to work tomorrow so I could carry on. Have a super week,
PS: What to do with those old scrap mags???I have some Memory Makers from 2001! Just finding it hard to part with them...

Anonymous said...

Wish I had time to spring clean - I seriously need to! An afternoon nap seemed more appropriate on Sat afternoon though!! Any thoughts on how to keep those storage boxes clutter free!