Sunday, February 11, 2007

a sign of the {Sunday} Times

...spotted this in today's newspaper - "Guys becoming craftier" - that title caught my eye!

And the first word of the article is... "Scrapbooking... Arts and crafts hobbies are having their biggest revival since the '70s, when Americans willingly spent hours crafting..."

It goes on to say that "Wall Street is pumping money into retailers where arts and crafts are flying of the shelves... and scrapbooking has become the Tupperware party of the new millennium."

{Ok, so I'm not crazy about the "Tupperware" analogy, too many connotations, but I think you get the gist.}

And then they quote Steve Salotto, who I assume to be the guy, " avid scrapbook, says he enjoys sitting with other scrappers and spending hours creating, comparing notes and showing off his handiwork. As far as addictions, he said, It's a good one." - NYT Partner Newspapers

I think we {girls} have been telling them for ages, but perhaps now they'll listen!

And to think that scrapbooking would infiltrate my Sunday reading... :)

Hope you've had a good weekend.


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