Thursday, February 08, 2007

{L}ife is good!!

I love being home, love my house; love our sunshine; love that I am around my scrapbook stash, love that I have some really cool new stuff to play with. Life really is good.

I made it home with all my luggage and it wasn't overweight after all (had an extra piece though) So happy that my big blue suitcase came with me this time and didn't travel alone to Chicago, amongst other places, not on my itinerary.

This has been a totally exhausting trip, but so inspiring. I think this has to be my "Inspiration Trip". Spending time at Martie Jones' store, Scrapbooks Etc. in Arizona and seeing some of the behind the scenes of classes and make & takes, has got me really going.

CHA was amazing. The new products that have come out are calling my name... (loud!) begging to be used in my classes and in layouts. There are some really talented people out there. It was so inspiring walking around the booths, taking in all the ideas.

I had so much fun teaching at Timeless Treasures in California. And they even understood every word... so what accent??

Other sources of inspiration:
IKEA - yes it is all everyone makes it out to be and it was a cheap excursion as there was NO way I could bring any of what I wanted home (purely inspirational!)

Victoria's Secret - yummy colour combos, fresh happy colours.

Skechers - ok no inspiration here, but I'm sure if I wear the shoes I'll feel it!

Anthropolgie - yummy... the home decor stuff is stunning

A ribbon store in Mesa, AZ that was floor to ceiling spools of every conceivable colour and style you could imagine. (Kelli thanks for my gift!)

Target - got lots of inspiration at this amazing store. It's like nothing we have in SA. I want to try and say a mixture of Boardmans, Dions, Loads of Living.... nope, nothing like it!

After this horrible jet lag passes, I'll get straight onto using some of this inspiration. Workshops are up and running next week again and I have a brand new newsletter coming out. If you aren't on my mailing list, please let me know and I'll add you! I'll be sharing something new in each newsletter "Inspired by..."

Let me know what inspires you!